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Goodbye Rachel, Hello Julie!

****You are invited!!**** Please come help us honor our Founder and celebrate our Interim Executive Director! And while you’re there-check out our exciting Summer Camp offerings (we’ll have brochures) and consider contributing to the Rachel Muir Scholarship fund to help empower Austin’s girls in Math, Science, Engineering & Technology! Be sure to RSVP!-Dee


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Girlstart luvs Wolverine!

10303_large1With the recent trend of celebrities tweeting and gaining follower upon follower, Twitter has experienced a massive increase in sign ups, thus making it a house hold name. In fact, a friend of mine last week told me that her grandma’s on Twitter now-after years of shunning more traditional online communication formats such as e-mail.

Anyway, back to all this celebrities on Twitter business….What on earth could they possibly be saying? Well, if you’re Hugh Jackman, you’re saying that you’ll donate $100k to any non-profit that can convince you to donate to their mission in 140 characters (Twitter’s preset post limit). What a fun and completely generous idea! Sigh. Now I personally have always had a crush on Hugh Jackman and this just cements his status on my list. So of course I had to tweet for the prize! And because he’ll be a super hero to any organization that wins this Tweet-off, I wanted to make sure to say “Mr. Jackman, if you’re reading this, Girlstart luvs ya!” 🙂

Here’s the Tweet I posted on my Twitter:

@RealHughJackman Help girls feel like superheroes by empowering them in math, science & technology via Girlstart!

If you’re on Twitter, show your support for Girlstart by sending Mr. Jackman a tweet and urge him to support Girlstart’s mission of empowering young girls in Math, Science and Technology!

To read more about Hugh’s project, go here.

and if you’re on Twitter, follow @Girlstart


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Missed Girlstart’s SXSWi panel? Catch up here.

Girlstart panel @ SXSWi 2009

Girlstart panel @ SXSWi 2009

Even though SXSWi reached a record number of attendees this year, many who have considered the conference to be the highlight of their professional year found themselves unable to attend the 2009 conference. Come to think of it, don’t all of us miss SXSWi in one way or another? I can think of atleast 25 panels off the top of my head that I wish I could have attended but the conference is so jam packed with goodies that you have to ultimately make difficult decisions and miss out on a few choice panels and core conversations. If you’re like me, you’re scouring the internet even weeks after SXSW Interactive trying to catch up with all the new things you learned and the stuff you missed. So, for those of you that missed the Girlstart panel or SXSWi alltogether, here are a few places you can go to catch up. 🙂 -Dee

Joystiq article

Kera Art & Seek blog

Austin Chic blog

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