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Rockin Roller Coaster

girl and roller coaster

Girlstart loves to see parents and children working together! I recently took our roller coaster activity to Discover Engineering Day held at the Austin Children’s Museum. Over 400 visitors enjoyed a day of hands-on engineering fun! I was truly impressed with the quality and creativity of roller coasters that were created.

– Katelyn

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Twitter, Tweet, Followers, Oh My!

Every time I see the Sprint Now Network commercial I wonder if my friends and/or family are part of the 26% of viewers who don’t know what Twitter is. I feel safe to say my mother probably has little idea about Twitter.

Register for Girlstart’s Social Networking 101 Workshop for this Thursday, May 14th and change the statistic. Get your questions answered about online communities and discover how to best use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to fit your needs.

– Katelyn

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21st Century Interviews


The past few months I have interviewed numerous smart, energetic, and qualified young women to fill Girlstart’s summer camp counselor positions. Little did I know when I started this process that the majority of my interviews would happen online! Girls from across the country have logged in from their dorm rooms using free technology like Skype or iChat. Friends and families are using these easy to use online technologies to feel more connected than a traditional phone call. My first interview was interesting and definitely a learning experience, however once you get over the fact you can see yourself talk the conversation flows really well. This summer Girlstart is able to have the best talent from across the United States with the help from cool technology!

– Katelyn

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Capturing the Moment

girl-with-pink1Girlstart hosted Expanding Your Horizons on March 28, 2009 at UT Austin, and Wendi Poole of Thompson Poole Photography volunteered as our conference photographer. She has a special talent of capturing moments in people’s lives, and we’re thrilled she was able to photograph girls falling in love with science and technology! Check out more pictures on her blog at


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