Design Process

February 16, 2010 at 10:30 am 1 comment

Engineers follow a design process with each new creative idea!

You can be the engineer to create a Paper Copter!

Hang Time

* A few sheets of paper
* Scissors
* Paper clips (1 large and 1 small)

FETCH! from PBS KIDS has a great Copter template, click here!

1. Cut out the the template
2. Cut along the dotted lines
3. Fold tab A over tab B
4. Fold tab C over tab B
5. Fold blades/tabs D and E in opposite directions
6. Attach paper clip to bottom tab
7. Hold Copter as high as you can
8. Let GO!!!

Does your copter spin to the ground?

How this works?
When you drop your copter, its blades hit the air. The air pushes back on the blades, giving each one a little push forward. Notice how the blades are not exactly across from each other. This means that one blade is nudging one side of the copter around while the other blade is nudging the other side around. These two pushes work together to spin the copter around its center point. The spinning blades hit a lot of air on the way down, and all this air pushes back on the blades. The more air you can get to hit your blades (i.e., the more push-back you can create), the slower your copter will fall.

Now use the Design Process to recreate your paper copter. Did you cut the blades/tabs differently? Did you add more paper clips? How does your first copter spin differently than your second?

Thank you FETCH! for a fun activity!

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