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The Multimedia Classroom- tips for engaging students

Girlstart teamed up with the PBS show SciGirls for a presentation on the Multimedia Classroom at the National Science Teacher’s Association Annual Conference in San Francisco. Both Girlstart and SciGirls are developing online STEM modules for educators to use in their classrooms, camps and after school programs. Girlstart’s online module will be available this summer on our new website.

Here are some of the tips from our presentation:

  • Engage students in the creation of multimedia- have them present their group findings/projects using interactive slides
  • Don’t be afraid of the technology- embrace it! You can be guaranteed that technology will not always work 100% of the time. It’s your reaction and problem solving skills that your students will remember the most.
  • Ask your students about the latest technology- kids are usually eager to show you what they know!
  • Plan for change. Technology is changing at a rapid rate and tomorrow there will be a new/better/improved version. Embrace the fact that change is part of the multimedia classroom, and the way your multimedia works today will probably be a little different next school year.

Engaging students in multimedia will enhance your classroom and your student’s enjoyment doing STEM. Stay tuned for some great resources from Girlstart and SciGirls coming this summer.

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Water Works Informal Educators Training

I’m excited that Girlstart is offering another Water Works Camp this summer for entering 9th-10th grade girls! Last week, Didey, the Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator for the Women in Engineering Program from The University of Texas, Laura, the Program Coordinator for the National Girls Collaborative Project, and I had the pleasure of training 31 Informal Educators from across Texas in the Water Works curriculum. This summer Informal Camps from El Paso to Amarillo to Austin to Laredo and cities in-between will host week-long camps showcasing how creative engineering can be. Visit the WaterBotics You Tube page to see what the underwater robotics can do!

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The Texas Girls Collaborative Project helped recruit two representatives from museums, higher education institutes, high schools and informal organizations who spent 5 information filled days discovering the Water Works curriculum and the resources to implement a meaningful summer camp experience.

The Water Works curriculum is based on WaterBoticsTM (NSF Award #0929574) in collaboration with the Texas Girls Collaborative Project.

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February Professional Development at Girlstart

Girlstart is teaming up with Transformation 2013, a partnership between Education Service Centers Region XIII (Austin) and Region 20 (San Antonio), to provide teacher trainings this year. The first one is set to happen Monday, February21, 2011 at Girlstart. Space is limited to only 20 teachers, so if you’re a 4th-8th grade teacher, sign up soon to get on the list!

Digital Science:  Engaging Girls in STEM

Monday, February 21, 2011

9am-4pm at Girlstart

4th-8th Grade Teachers


Bring science to life with technology in your classroom!
In this inquiry-based, hands-on professional development workshop, teachers will explore technology-friendly ways to engage every student but especially girls – in the scientific process. Through the 5E model, teachers will gain skills for creative, project based learning opportunities in STEM.
This course is brought to you by Transformation 2013 and Girlstart.

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