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Be Curious!

Fun on FOX 7!

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Science is being curious about the world around us. Visit the Austin Children’s Museum this weekend for Science Sunday from 3pm-5pm (FREE after 4pm). In addition to the fabulous ACM exhibits, Girlstart will showcase a variety of hands-on, kid-friendly activities.

Want to know how to keep the water from draining out of the jar?

Mason Jar with lid
Index card (mine was laminated, but that is only so I can use it multiple times)
Screen insert (cut to fit under the LID)

* Practice over a sink before you brag about your new skill

1. Fill the jar to the top with water so that it’s almost overflowing.
2. Cover the jar with the index card, make sure the card covers the ENTIRE mouth of jar.
3. Place your hand on the card and turn the jar upside down.
4. Slowly remove your hand; the card AND water will stay in place.

Science Concepts
Basic explanations…
Air Pressure is a gas that not only pushes down, but also upwards and sideways. The card remains in place because the air pressure is pushing upward harder than the water AND gravity are pushing downward.
Surface Tension is the thin “membrane” stretched over the surface of a liquid. The behavior is a force called cohesion, which is the attraction of like molecules to each, that causes this effect. The surface tension “membrane” is always trying to contract, which explains why falling droplets of water are ball shaped.

Added Flare…
Once you feel comfortable with your new skill, try the trick while holding it over someone’s head. Most likely they will duck for cover because they don’t want water to spill on their head. They will be very surprised and impressed when nothing happens.

Good luck,


P.S. Continue to check back for more activity ideas!

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Rockin Roller Coaster

girl and roller coaster

Girlstart loves to see parents and children working together! I recently took our roller coaster activity to Discover Engineering Day held at the Austin Children’s Museum. Over 400 visitors enjoyed a day of hands-on engineering fun! I was truly impressed with the quality and creativity of roller coasters that were created.

– Katelyn

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