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Trick or Treat


Halloween is only a few Saturdays away and coming up with the perfect party idea can be challenging. Use one of these at your next event and you are sure to be the crowd favorite.

Screeching Balloon – Perfect for Kids Halloween Party
Latex balloon
Brass Hex Nut
I would recommend having enough for each person.

1. Put one hex nut into balloon
2. Blow up balloon and tie. Children may need help with this
3. Hold the balloon in one hand and shake in circular motion (similar to stirring chocolate milk)
4. Stop and listen to the horrible noise

Keep in mind the age group you are hosting. The hex nuts can be a choking hazard and potential popping balloons can frighten small children.

Foaming Pumpkin
Pre-carved pumpkin
Small block of dry ice*
Hammer to break dry ice
Warm (not hot) tap water
Dial Dish Soap

1. Place carved pumpkin on water resistant surface or place towels under pumpkin to help with clean up
2. Pour warm water into pumpkin, filling the entire bottom but below the level of the carved mouth
3. Use hammer to break dry ice into pieces…IMPORTANT to break within grocery bag
4. Use tongs or gloves to place a few pieces into pumpkin (pumpkin should begin to “smoke”)
5. For additional effect, add Dial dish soap to produce foam
6. Put pumpkin lid back on and ENJOY the CHEERS!!!

* Dry ice information: Dry ice is sold in most grocery stores as flat square slabs a few inches thick. Dry ice must be handled with care as it is -109.3°F (-78.5°C). It must be handled using gloves or tongs, as it will cause severe burns if it comes in contact with your skin. Never put dry ice into your mouth. Dry ice turns from a solid into a gas – a process called sublimation. In other words, the dry ice will literally vanish in about a day depending on the amount purchased. Purchase dry ice as close to time needed as possible. A Styrofoam ice chest with a loose fitting lid works best for storing. Do not store in regular freezer, the dry ice is colder than your freezer temperature.

Spooky Science Banner

For more crowd pleasing ideas stop by Girlstart’s 2nd annual Spooky Science Extravaganza on Saturday, October 24th from 12-3pm at the Virginia L. Brown Recreation Center. The best family-friendly Halloween Science Event in Austin. Admission is FREE, to learn more visit

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