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1 Day left to Register for Girls Conference

Expanding Your Horizons registration closes tomorrow, Wednesday, evening at 11:59pm.

Click Image to Watch Katelyn on We Are Austin

Girls attend three unique hands-on workshops led by professional women who are excited about sharing their science, technology, engineering and math careers with EYH participants!

Featuring Elizabeth Avellán as the Keynote Speaker

Elizabeth Avellán is a film producer, co-owner and vice president of Troublemaker Studios, whose film credits include, “Spy Kids” the series and “Shark Boy and Lava Girl.”

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Ping Pong for Girlstart

Online Registration is NOW available!!!

Register for Girlstart's Ping Pong Team Challenge! in Austin, TX  on Eventbrite

Are you ready to play some ping pong with other awesome teams like…

Clayton Christopher from Sweet Leaf Tea

Team Velocity Credit Union

The Sneezing Unicorns from NI

Team Mindy Montford & Andi Sloan

Team Great Balls of Thunder

All team registrations and payments must be received & submitted by:
Friday, May 7, 2010

Register for Girlstart's Ping Pong Team Challenge! in Austin, TX  on Eventbrite

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$25 Summer Camp Discount

Top 10 Reasons Your Daughter will LOVE Summer Camp…

10. Yummy snacks everyday
9. She gets an awesome camp t-shirt!
8. Guest speakers with cool jobs
7. Fun counselors
6. Comfy bean bag chairs
5. Exploring new things and activities
4. Crazy games she’ll love to play
3. New friends from all over
2. Great memories that last a lifetime!
1. All girls… All fun… All day!!

Take advantage of our $25 Summer Camp Early Registration Discount!

* Discount ends tonight, March 22nd, at 11:59pm.

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Happy St. Patty’s Day

Leprechauns left some dehydrated snow for us to play with today! Guess what color it is?

How this works?
The dehydrated snow or super-absorbent polymer powder is safe and non-hazardous. As you saw, the polymer absorbed all the water like millions of tiny sponges. Additionally the molecules swelled to an enormous size, 100x its original volume! The polymer soaks up the water, the water-filled molecules swell and it looks like eruption SNOW.

Insta-Snow is available through Steve Spangler Science

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Green River

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day the Chicago River is dyed green. I’ve personally never seen the “Green River,” but have heard it is a truly impressive sight. Do you know what makes the river green? Watch the video and read the story below to see if you can figure it out.

Click Image to Watch Video
(takes a second to load)

The Story Behind Dyeing the River
For the past 43 years the Chicago River turns green for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade celebration. One would ask how this is different from the rest of the year when the river is always a murky shade of green. The difference is both significant and breathtaking because the color green is identical to the greens of Ireland from where it got its name “The Emerald Isle.”

If you were watching this for the first time you would think this is a mistake or a bad joke. You see the dye is orange and its initial color on the surface of the river is orange and you would think to yourself what heathen would do something like this. After a moment or two you then see the true color magically appear.

Two miracles appear that day, the river turns a perfect shade of green something that many other cities have tried but have not been successful at doing, and the second miracle by starting with the color orange giving the impression that river will be orange only to convert the river to that true Irish green. We believe that is where the leprechaun comes in.

One of the initial problems was that there was no recipe for dying rivers green. Chicago was the first and only city to do it. So the question was: Do you use a few handfuls of dye or a carload?

One-hundred pounds was used the first year. The river stayed green for a week! The second year, 1963, we cut to 50 lbs, the river was green for three days.

We finally decided to use 25 lbs and that did the job for one day.

In 1966, the environmentalists accused the parade committee of polluting the river. They complained that the dye was oil-based and was detrimental to all living things.

Bailey laughed when he heard their argument but agreed to find a new compound that would do the job and appease the critics.

The committee experimented with a number of vegetable dyes and after a bit of trial and error, the current 40 lbs of new dye was hit upon. It produces a carpet of green for four or five hours.

Did you figure it out?

40lbs of orange vegetable dye that turns green when mixed with water

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Chocolate Lovers

Courtesy of Phase One Photography

A Harvard Biomedical Scientist creates a new way of experiencing chocolate! Check out the story.

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Explore UT

Join University of Texas students, faculty, and staff this Saturday, March 6th from 11am-5pm, for a day filled with fun, discovery and friendship!

The Biggest Open House in Texas!

Click image for information

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