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HTML changed my life


I know that’s the dorkiest title ever but it is so true-the moment I discovered programming, I became braver about technology.  It felt like learning a new language, but one that allowed me to create, design and color while I spoke and it just really did feel magical. Once I felt empowered, I stared being incredibly gutsy-I started taking apart obsolete technology items in my home and messing with circuit boards, screws, anything I found inside, and started looking up how everything was connected and how it all worked.  It was exhilarating and inspiring and it was at that moment, sitting on the floor with the guts of my computer laid out all around me, when I realized that I loved technology and I could do anything I wanted to do.

If this “A-HA!”moment is something you’re wanting your daughter, niece, or any other special girl in your life to have-why not spend the summer engaging her in some fun Technology, Science and Math Activities? We’ve got free interactive lessons in all sorts of subjects on our special website for girls- and yes, HTML is DEFINETELY included!

Happy Summer everyone!


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