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Do I really need another Life?

I have a hard enough time keeping up with my real life, but recently found out I needed another life to make my real life easier! It all started when our team at Girlstart developed a Summer Academy in Second Life, where high school girls created a virtual global awareness event online at Texas State Technical College

avatarHonestly, I thought that would be the first and last time for me in this virtual game. However, Texas State Technical College was offering an online certification course in Adobe Creative Suite CS3, all online, all in Second Life. I jumped at the opportunity to learn Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Flash in the comfort of my living room. 

Second Life has been a wonderful learning tool! Interactive multi-media presentations, guest speakers from around the globe, and communicating with my classmates and professors “face to face” has been amazing! It is also a really cheap alternative to conference travel as well as exhibits. 

My experiences have been somewhat entertaining as well! Like the time my professor held me after class and told me I needed a makeover, then took me shopping in second life. Or the time I was giving my final presentation in front of visiting professors and guests and I clicked the wrong button and lost all my clothes! Then my professor said-, “Julie, quick, let’s go upstairs and get you dressed!”.  I have never had a professor do that before! First time for everything!

Besides the high learning curve and horrible fashion (still waiting on Nordstrom to open up a store), Second Life has a lot to offer! Especially visualizing math, science, engineering, physics and technology.

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