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Did you hear the news? Yesterday, Dr. Elinor Ostrom was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics! She is the first woman to receive this prestigious honor. What struck me is that Dr. Ostrom is a pioneer! She was prevented from taking trigonometry when in high school because her teachers didn’t think she would need it—not to mention that her teachers thought she wouldn’t be good at it. How wrong they were! Check out this great audio interview from National Public Radio, and remember: keep on your important work!!


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Help girls overcome stereotypes

I just read a great article in the Baltimore Sun written by Kate Shatzkin:,0,7918762.story

The article documents a phenomenon common in girls (and women) where we internalize poor performance or poor grades a negative reflection of ourselves and our abilities, all to often leading in the misconception at an early age that girls “aren’t good at math or science”.  The reverse is true of boys (and men I would argue), they externalize these challenges and are likely to attribute poor performance on a test not as a reflection of not being smart enough, but of not being ready for the test, or the teachers picking unfair questions, etc.  What I love about this article is that on top of giving parents tips it also emphasizes the core of all programs:  stress the utilitarian aspect of how math, science and technology careers. Girls want to know how these careers help people and make the world better, that’s what makes these opportunities exciting and meaningful to them!


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