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How to have a killer strategic planning retreat

Plan ahead!  Prepare!  Assemble a crackerjack commitee!  Recruit a top notch facilitator!  Serve candy!  Use dry ice!  Include fun competitive games with information about your organization you want your board to know like stats about your programs or who you serve in jeopardy or bingo games.  Get experts on your board to present a SWOT analysis of your organizations strengths and weaknesses.  Get another expert on your board to share an environmental scan of where the economy and population is going and changing.  Assemble experts and newbies into integrated teams and be sensitive to not put a very vocal person with a really quiet one.  Get everyone moving for the afternoon by plotting key focus areas on wall post it’s (i.e. marketng, fundrasiing, operations) and offer guiding questions for each to get their juices flowing (i.e. what should our board look like in 3 years?).  Have teams create worksheets documenting their outcomes,  when they want to acheve them, and what they will need to be successful.

Love, Rachel

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