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If you lost your job consider sharing your talent with a non-profit!

unemployed20worker2Our economy is in crisis. Some of our greatest talent in this country is out of a job. Does that include you? You can only spend so many hours a day looking for a job. You want to stay engaged and productive. More than that, you want a sense of meaning, purspose and of giving back to something bigger than you. Come to the non-profit side!  Share your talents with us! Spend half your day looking for a job and the other half of your day fulfilling your soul helping change lives. We need your help!  We can be a great reference for you when you are ready for your next big opportunity.   Who knows?  You just might come to Girlstart and discover your next great passion.  We have numerous short term and long term volunteer opportunities, from a one-day event to a part-time post!  You can visit our website for a snapshot of some of these opportunities and email if you want to learn more.   Opportunity abounds at Girlstart and many other non-profits around the country desperate for your talent. Check out our volunteer opportunities at  

Hope to see you soon at Girlstart!   


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