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Girlstart Alumna Volunteers During Spring Break

Maria volunteering

I was happy that spring break was going to begin because finally I was going to rest. At the same time I was sad because I did not know what I was going to do during a whole week of break. I decided to e-mail Ms. Julie who works at Girlstart and ask her if I could volunteer during the week of spring break. She responded back and told me that she would appreciate my help as a volunteer. I like Girlstart a lot because I went to their summer camps when I was younger, I had so much fun. I was really excited about going back to the program  as an alumna, since I’m a sophomore going on to be a junior in high school. 

I was so excited on Monday morning and was looking forward to what I was going to do. Monday morning Ms. Julie and I went to some sessions about technology and girls at SXSW interactive, with free day passes. Out of the two sessions my favorite one was Duh……Technology is for girls. I like this session because everyone was involved in the conversation, and everyone commented on the out loud comments on twitter. That day I learned that twitter is not just a page to gossip but it is also used for work purposes. I had a great time at SXSW interactive, when we came back Ms. Julie got me set up in the Girlstart twitter page and all afternoon I followed people who were part of the sessions we attended at SXSW interactive.

Organized t-shirt closet

Wednesday morning I researched some potential activities that were on DVDs.  One DVD caught my attention because it was talking about Latina girls and how we need to be encourage more to become engineers.

On Wednesday by midday Ms. Julie and I worked on a face book page for the Girlfriends Power Circle, added pictures and launched it live that day! Later on Wednesday afternoon I began separating some t-shirts that the camp was going to use from the ones that they were not going to keep. There were many t-shirts that they were not going to keep so I took some for my little cousins and we donated the rest to Safe Place. Organizing t-shirts is not that easy but it kept me busy for Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. I organized the t-shirts by color and made labels for the bins that they were going to be in. The room looked so much better with just having the t-shirts organized!

I had a great week here at Girlstart because many exciting things happened, and while I was having fun, I also learned new things. This is an experience that I will never forget!  


Visit our volunteer page for high school volunteer opportunties this summer

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Capturing the Moment

girl-with-pink1Girlstart hosted Expanding Your Horizons on March 28, 2009 at UT Austin, and Wendi Poole of Thompson Poole Photography volunteered as our conference photographer. She has a special talent of capturing moments in people’s lives, and we’re thrilled she was able to photograph girls falling in love with science and technology! Check out more pictures on her blog at


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If you lost your job consider sharing your talent with a non-profit!

unemployed20worker2Our economy is in crisis. Some of our greatest talent in this country is out of a job. Does that include you? You can only spend so many hours a day looking for a job. You want to stay engaged and productive. More than that, you want a sense of meaning, purspose and of giving back to something bigger than you. Come to the non-profit side!  Share your talents with us! Spend half your day looking for a job and the other half of your day fulfilling your soul helping change lives. We need your help!  We can be a great reference for you when you are ready for your next big opportunity.   Who knows?  You just might come to Girlstart and discover your next great passion.  We have numerous short term and long term volunteer opportunities, from a one-day event to a part-time post!  You can visit our website for a snapshot of some of these opportunities and email if you want to learn more.   Opportunity abounds at Girlstart and many other non-profits around the country desperate for your talent. Check out our volunteer opportunities at  

Hope to see you soon at Girlstart!   


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